Sullivan Victory Groves

We are excited about this new citrus shipping year and the fact that we are able to hold our citrus prices at 2019 levels. Victory Groves has been in the Florida citrus business since 1900 and acquired by our family, after many years of working together, becoming Sullivan Victory Groves in the 1950s. Each year we anticipate sharing the fruits of our labor with you. This year we are all acclimating ourselves to a new way of life. Having fresh fruit - juicy and full of Vitamin C - delivered to your door is healthy, safe and convenient . When we receive your order we hand pick the fruit and process it the next day, then speed it on to you. Celebrate the citrus season with festive flavor. A colorful package of unforgettably delicious and healthy fruit is a great gift - for yourself, your family and your friends.
I look forward to hearing from you. 

Frank E. Sullivan III

If you wish to speak to me personally, call me at 1-866-676-4311 
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